The hydraulic pipe is a delicate part of the excavator. A set of the original hydraulic pipe is expensive. To extend the service life of the hydraulic pipe, the most important thing is that the driver should work gently, do not do high strength, high risk action, in addition to the appropriate maintenance method, also greatly affects the life of the hydraulic pipe.

1. Always use protective rings

Gear pump and piston pump have oil pulsation when working, this pulsation will make the hydraulic pipe produce high frequency vibration, this high frequency vibration can not be completely eliminated. So the hydraulic pipe has a special protective ring outside the sleeve, the pipe at the root of the big arm (plastic sleeve) and the pipe at the forearm head (steel wire sleeve), which has a great role in the protective sleeve.

2. No friction

Some excavators’ hydraulic pipes are later matched by their own, and the length is not appropriate. It is easy to interfere with the big and small arms, and the friction or the bending is dead. Interferometric friction will wear the outer wall of the hydraulic pipe, resulting in local thinning of the outer wall. Under the action of high pressure and strong pressure, it is easy to burst the tube. Hydraulic pipe dead bending will cause local pressure increase, local temperature rise easily lead to hydraulic pipe explosion.

3. Keep away from diesel and gasoline

Try not to let the hydraulic pipe contact diesel gasoline, although the hydraulic pipe is oil resistant. But still diesel and gasoline have a certain erodibility, general rubber long-term immersion in gasoline and diesel will swell the colloidal fluffy.

4. Butter the interface

The bottom of the central oil separator and the cover of the walking motor must be cleaned regularly and smear with calcium butter as a protective layer. The buckle should also be smear to avoid corrosion in these areas. Especially the coastal areas are often in contact with sea breeze and sea water, and the buckle is prone to corrosion.

5. Installation should be in place

When installing the pipe on the excavator, we must confirm whether it is tight. It is a small matter if the vibration loosens the oil seepage. If the vibration wears the interface plane, it will be troublesome.

6. The best new car with 46 hydraulic oil

It is recommended that the new car should best use No. 46 hydraulic oil. In order to ensure the working strength of the excavator, the hydraulic oil No. 46 can be used for more than 10,000 hours.

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